Hiya, my name is Fabian Post


I am founder of Duskless, co-founder of the Colour Lounge, board member of a few non-profit organizations and work on projects where I think I can add value to the chain.

I am melomaniac, design and entertainment fanatic, passionate basketball player and father of two. I am a 80’s sucker and everything from the 80’s puts a smile on my face. Roughly seventy percent of the time you can spot me with Converse shoes on.

My professional passion is business development and research. My background in business is international business, retail, hospitality and entertainment.

I am a true believer that if you can entertain and solve a problem you have a winning combo. No matter what you offer.

I generally write about business. Topics that intrigue me are business development, entertainment, marketing or just plain and old research. I am particularly fond of translating research papers into something tangible. Something you can just pick up and use in any organization. I am also not shy of writing on topics where I think my personal view may shed some insights.

Usually I end up working on multiple articles at the same time. I aim to publish something new monthly. Do feel free to join up on the mailing list, whenever a new article is published you will get a mail in your inbox.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me a mail or hook-up on LinkedIn.

Thank you for dropping by!